The pub crawl is a unique (and sometimes, painful) experience and in London, it doesn’t get more unique than the Circle Line Pub Crawl. I heard about the Circle Line Pub Crawl (CLPC) when I first arrived in London more than a year ago. The thought of it was absolutely insane. For the uninitiated, the Circle line (in yellow) is part of the London Underground network (or the tube). It runs in a ring around the city, and has 27 stations.

Eat- Most crawls offer great food for you to eat, and sometimes it’s even free. So why not try a bit? While large meals will bog you down, appetizers will often go good with your beer and will inhibit your stomach from absorbing too much alcohol so you can stay alert for the entire crawl.

While many people enjoy propping themselves up at the bar or standing with others to talk, many people look prefer some comfortable seating for their pub-going experience. Great bars have plenty of seats and tables, so that you can enjoy a drink in comfortable surroundings.

Are you a smoker? Bad luck then, because now with the new legislation, you can no longer smoke while gambling in a pub or casino in Australia and New Zealand.

For game rooms and pool table rooms, The Argyll Henley tables are excellent. Put a couple of pub table sets here and there in the room for different conversation areas. To play a nice poker game, just squeeze the tables together.

Rounds Table Format. Round table format is a lot more relaxed with the quizzes given out as handouts rounds. They are a selection of quizzes such as handout rounds, anagrams and taglines. They can be handed out or you can leave one on the table and include them as one of the rounds of a normal pub quiz. First hand them out then mark them and give a fresh one out. Round table quizzes are excellent option for a couple times a week and you can do free ones with no prizes just leave them on the actual table or you can do them with prizes and entry fee. These are coming back as being popular and are perfect if you don’t have a competent quiz master.

Going by strict pub crawling guidelines, and drinking a pint at every stop, you’ll be consuming 28 pints (about 16 litres) of the fermented stuff in less than 12 hours. That’s a lot by anyone’s standards. I have entertained the thought of giving it a go but I wasn’t able to find anyone mad enough to do it with me. Navigating London’s underground network while drunk isn’t exactly The Argyll Henley smartest thing to do.